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Hawkins & Martinez, EA's, LLC welcomes small business owners and non-profit organizations to our accounting firm in Longmont. We believe financial services should save clients money; our Enrolled Agents (EAs) help clients work with Internal Revenue Service (IRS), while helping to manage their finances to minimize costs and maximize income.

Why Hire an Enrolled Agent?

Certified public accountants (CPA) receive their licenses through the state, but Enrolled Agents are tax specialists that receive their licenses through the IRS. Some CPAs may be skilled at tax preparation, but all EAs are tax specialist. Earning the status of an Enrolled Agent is the highest credential granted by the IRS for in-depth tax knowledge. Enrolled Agents are also licensed to operate in all 50 states, meaning businesses owners with companies across multiple states can access services that meets diverse needs.

Hawkins & Martinez, EA's, LLC is proficient in tax services, which includes problem solving. We can represent clients in front of the IRS and conduct part-time CFO duties for businesses and non-profit organizations at an affordable cost. Hawkins & Martinez, EA's, LLC makes sure our clients have detailed documents of income and expenses, while also helping to manage payroll and file taxes on time.

Our Enrolled Agents engage in continual education, always remaining up to date with the latest tax laws.

In Case of an Audit

As Enrolled Agents, we are certified to represent our clients in the event of an IRS audit. Our services help businesses combat any confusion during the audit process, ensuring every financial detail about a company is accurate. Our Enrolled Agents are highly experienced in representing clients in front of the IRS, ensuring dependable services.

After the audit process is complete, we help clients put the right systems into place to prevent additional tax issues, making sure they know exactly what actions need to be taken and avoided.

At Hawkins & Martinez, EA's, LLC, we take the time to understand your unique tax situation and handle tax returns to maximize refunds while minimizing risk.

Hawkins & Martinez, EA's, LLC Knows Taxes, It’s What We Do

For more information about tax services for businesses and non-profits Hawkins & Martinez, EA's, LLC in Longmont, come to our firm or give us a call today!

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